Five Reasons to Head to Highstreet for Your Next Date Night

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If you haven’t been yet, High Street Shopping Centre in Abbotsford is one of the Fraser Valley’s most unique and inclusive shopping malls ever. The open-air mall combines a high-quality shopping experience with a vast selection of food venues.

While High Street is the perfect place to take care of literally all of your errands for the day, we also think it is the perfect place for a date night! Here’s why:

1. Abbotsford Cineplex Odeon & VIP Cinemas is one of only 3 VIP locations in British Columbia, with the closest being in Coquitlam. Not that kids aren’t amazing little creatures, but there is a strict 19+ limit for the VIP screenings. This movie theatre has everything you need for a successful date night. Whether you and your beau have been together for years, or you’re trying blind-dating for the first time, you can make it work at Cineplex.

The full-service lounge is open for a few hours before each screening, so you can grab your dinner and drinks before your movie begins. If you’re feeling first-date jitters, you can always utilize the in-seat service that is available with every VIP screening. The full food and drink menu is available for order before the movie begins. You can eat together comfortably, in silence, while enjoying the latest Hollywood has to offer.


2. The open-air mall provides plenty of walking space. If you can’t get enough of each other, you and your date can wander the sidewalks of High Street, hand in hand, to stretch your time together. It’s the perfect spot for a cool summer night or crisp fall afternoon. If it is especially brisk out, you’ll have the perfect excuse to be extra snuggly.

3. There are 15 different food establishments at High Street, and they are all totally different. A few of these dining options are considered “fast food” like Fat Burger, but that can sometimes be a great way to have a more casual night out. There are fancier fare restaurants that are perfect for celebrating big achievements or anniversaries, like Milestones. High Street dining has something for everyone. You can eat healthy, grab something quick, take your time with drinks, or even just sip a coffee.

If you’re anything like me, you are going to immediately go to the Great Canadian Brewhouse and share a dessert poutine with your boyfriend, and unabashedly eat more than half of it yourself.


4. Window shopping can be a hilarious way to spend an evening. If you’re lucky and found yourself a guy who can tolerate a bit of light shopping, you can turn date night into a mini shopping spree. This opens up a whole realm of possibilities and new date activities! You can learn more about each other by picking out “surprise outfits” and giving each other private fashion shows. Depending on how that goes, you might need to give him a few fashion lessons, but that’s fine.

5. I’m a big believer of the fact that a date is not complete without at least a little bit of actual communication. I can’t just go see a movie. I need to discuss the movie afterwards. Sometimes if my significant other and I have conflicting schedules, the date night is the only opportunity we have to catch up during the week. Luckily many of the food and drink establishments in the mall are open late. You’ll have time to get dinner, see a movie, and have a nice quiet chat at the end of the night.


There is no better time like the present, so call your honey and let them know that you’re both going on an impromptu date night tonight!

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