Stay Warm with West Coast Leslie Designs in South Surrey/ White Rock

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​The seasons have changed. I’m taking a close look at my closet and deciding how I’ll update my wardrobe from summer to fall.  I’ve been streamlining my overwhelming mountain of clothes into a capsule wardrobe of good quality essentials, including my new West Coast Leslie Designs gray infinity scarf.

West Coast Leslie Designs aims to make an impact in the “fast fashion” world.  Leslie Kuny makes products that are heirloom quality, meaning you can invest in a WCLD scarf or blanket and know you can use it for years without it falling apart.

Leslie says, “Instead of picking up that $15 cheap thrill scarf at the chain shop, I encourage people to change the way they look at outfitting themselves and invest in something beautiful that makes them feel good. The less clothing we can put in landfills, the better.”​

Leslie grew up on the prairies and moved to South Surrey in 2010.​ She loves her neighbourhood and feels she has definitely found her forever home.

 “Growing up in Saskatchewan, I suffered through some brutal winters with less than fashionable options to stay warm, and I knew it didn’t have to be that way.  In 2011, I had a family emergency back home, and I picked up some yarn as a distraction.  I made an infinity scarf and posted a pic of me wearing it on Facebook and the feedback I received was incredible!  That was really the moment I realized that people were interested in knitwear.”

​Leslie’s favourite thing about owning a business is working for herself. “I wake up when I want; if I need to go to yoga, I go to yoga.  If I need to stay home all day and make toques, I can do that. There is no one to blame for my setbacks except me and at the same time I am responsible for its success”.  

As a pre-teen, Leslie’s Grandmother, aunties, and mum helped her learn how to crochet, and it’s a part of her Mennonite heritage​. 

“I love that I can honour the tradition of my family while doing something I love and something that people need.  I love how therapeutic crocheting can be.  The repetitiveness and the rhythm of the stitches is calming to me​.  I also love being able to make something and see the finished results relatively quickly! That keeps me motivated”.

Leslie is often shocked by how many repeat customers she has; women who come back telling her that they bought something for themselves last year and now they’re getting a scarf for their auntie, or a toque for their sister. “That just makes my heart swell. There are so many brands competing for women’s attention, I love that people are choosing West Coast Leslie Designs.”

West Coast Leslie Designs has a bunch of events happening this fall, but one of her favourites is the Olde Farmhouse Market at Tradex in Abbotsford on November 25th + 26th. She says, “It’s an awesome blend of vintage and handmade vendors​, so there’s something for everyone, even guys!”

 For a full list of her events, check out her website:

WCLD are also for sale at The Handpicked Home in White Rock.

Follow West Coast Leslie on Facebook @westcoastleslie & Instagram: @westcoastleslie

Photos by Ally Photography:


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