Bringing the Community Together One FREE Downward Dog At a Time

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Saturdays are host to free community yoga classes at Studio B Yoga in Garrison Crossing. I picked the perfect rainy Saturday to check it out.

It was grey, rainy, wet, and cold outside. But the warmth of Studio B Yoga in Garrison Crossing had me feeling right at home. Such a perfect day to peel off a cozy cardigan and get comfy on your yoga mat. Inhaling the scent of lavender, pine and patchouli from my mat, I sat in the quiet studio listening to the murmur of other students and the rain trickling down outside.

The studio is beautiful – the boutique section offers an assortment of products from water bottles to yoga mats and accessories, and the studio features floor length windows all around; beautiful sliding barn doors to access the room, and white lanterns dotting the ceiling which gives the whole space a minimalist feel.

I never feel quite as peaceful as I do in a yoga studio, and this one has got to be my favorite so far.

The blinds drawn closed to keep the room feeling Zen, the yogis trickled in and set up mats around the room, pointing towards the instructors mat in the middle.

Today’s instructor was named Dawn. Every Saturday, Studio B opens its’ doors to the community and offers a free afternoon class from 12pm to 1pm. This gives a wonderful opportunity for people who have wanted to try yoga, or perhaps cannot afford to attend yoga regularly (if at all), to come and practice together as a community. The instructors at Studio B rotate every free Saturday class, so you can get a feel for how each of them teach.

I’ve never been to a class at Studio B before, so when I discovered that Saturday held a weekly free afternoon class, I jumped at the chance and registered right away. Being a free class, it is structured to suit all levels of yogis – from beginner to intermediate. I even felt at ease being 29 weeks pregnant, despite the class not being a “prenatal yoga” class. I’ve been practicing yoga on and off for a number of years so I know how to (okay, somewhat know how to) modify my poses to take care of my belly.

I also had a quick chat with Dawn prior to class to assure her that I was aware this was not a “prenatal” class, though I know how to listen to my body and what I am and am not capable of.

Before beginning, Dawn informed all of us students that Studio B uses something called “consent cards.” These consent cards can be used (if you choose) to be placed at the top of your mat. They are two-sided; the first side saying “Yes Please” and the second side saying “No Thank-you.”

If you set your consent card saying “Yes Please,” that gives your instructor the “okay” to go ahead and adjust your poses if necessary. What a great idea. I’m definitely not an advanced yogi, and half the time I’m left wondering if my poses are correct at all. Sometimes I feel like I’m just not getting it, so these handy little cards give the instructor the go-ahead to adjust my body to correct my form. Love it.

Because really, what is worse than a stranger approaching you without warning to touch you and move your body parts for you? Awkward. I’m so glad that Studio B is courteous and respectful enough to offer these cards!

Class began and the room hushed while everyone focused on breathing. The class ran seamlessly, and it was equal parts challenging and relaxing. Dawn was such a great teacher; leading each pose with great instruction and helping forms along the way. By the end of shavasana, I felt fully relaxed, restored, and my muscles felt lightly used and stretched.

As we sat on our mats to end our practice with the concluding “Namaste”, I was so at peace that I honestly did not want to get up and get back to real life. I thanked Dawn for her practice and reluctantly headed back into the hubbub of the world.

The free classes are held weekly every Saturday from noon to 1:00pm, and I fully intend on coming back! However, in the meantime, I think I might need to purchase a punch pass or attend as a drop-in sometime during the week. Yoga at Studio B is definitely the answer to my hectic #momlife schedule!

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