6 of the Best Walking Trails in the Fraser Valley

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September means the start of a new year for many. School is starting again for those of us with kids, or even new university semesters for people who are still pursuing their education. With every fresh start comes feelings of motivation and determination.

Every September I go through an incredible phase of extreme-organization. My multitasking abilities seem to surge. Everything in the house gets cleaned. Random drawers get opened and organized for the first time in ages. I even manage to stick to a meal-prepping schedule for a while!

If you’re feeling anything like me right now, you might as well put these energetic feelings into taking care of your body while the weather is still nice. Walking is a fantastic form of light exercise. It can easily be done with friends or alone. You can fit walking into your busy schedule easily by choosing different lengths of routes to explore.


Here are some of the best walking trails in the Fraser Valley:


Mill Lake Park – Abbotsford

2.30 km – Paved Trail

Mill Lake is one of the most popular walking trails and parks in Abbotsford. The paved trail is perfect for walking, jogging, and biking. There are plenty of benches and picnic tables around the trail if you feel like pausing to take in the scenery for a few minutes. This is a family-friendly park with plenty of playgrounds, wildlife, and open green spaces.

Mill Lake Park

Cascade Falls – Mission

0.75 km – Gravel/Dirt Trail

Cascade Falls is definitely an underrated trail. While the walk may be short, there is a bit of elevation gain which will get your heart pumping. At the top of the trail you will cross a suspension bridge that takes you out to the waterfall lookout. The lookout is so close to the falls that you can actually feel a light mist from the rushing waters. The entire park is Instagram-worthy, and it’s a great little workout.


Fishtrap Creek Park – Abbotsford

1.96 km – Paved Trail

Fishtrap Creek Park is a section of the massive Discovery Trail that runs through most of Abbotsford. You can easily turn this relatively short walk into a much longer journey by starting farther along in the Discovery Trail and walking through Fishtrap Creek Park.

This paved, quiet trail is perfect for walks with friends. The park also backs onto several baseball diamonds, so if any of your kids play during the season and have games or practices, you can sneak in a quick walk. Talk about multitasking!


Vedder Greenway – Chilliwack

Up to 20 km – Gravel/Dirt Trail

The Vedder Greenway is a fantastic trail for dog-lovers! The wide gravel trail is accommodating for well-trained pups who can walk off-leash. The extensive map of trails extends for a total of close to 20 kilometres, but it is easy to adjust how far you want to walk by taking some of the side trails, loops, or even just turning around!

This is definitely a rural area of Chilliwack, so bring water, a cell phone to reach people, and maybe even a bear bell in case you encounter any wildlife on your walk.

Willband Creek Park – Abbotsford

3.39 km – Gravel Trail

Also considered to be a bird sanctuary, Willband Creek Park is another great way to escape into nature. The tall brush and grass hide the fact that you are walking mere metres from the Mission Highway. You can catch some beautiful sunsets in the park if you arrive later in the evening. The looping trails can keep you walking for hours… Or you can pick one loop if you only have time for a quick stroll.


Campbell Valley Regional Park – Langley

4.00 km – Gravel/Dirt Trail

The Little River Loop Trail is the main walking trail in the Campbell Valley Regional Park. This trail is a mix of dirt, gravel, paved area, and bridges. After walking through this park, you will feel like you just visited an entirely new place! The walk starts first in a heavily wooded area, but soon opens up to a beautiful and hidden lake.

There are close to 30 kilometres of mixed trails throughout the park; perfect for bike riding or even horseback riding!


These walking routes will keep you feeling fresh and healthy this fall. They are all close to main cities, so you don’t need to go out of your way just to enjoy a bit of greenspace.


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