Did You Find your Muse at High Street’s Most Recent Pop-Up Shop?

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One of Surrey’s hottest fashion boutiques recently appeared in Abbotsford. Muse Social Fashion House hosted a pop-up shop at High Street until Sunday, September 17th. If you couldn’t make it, don’t worry – it’s more than worth the trip out to Surrey to visit them!

Upon first entry to the shop, I was immediately in awe of the beauty of the layout. Seriously… I wanted to live in this place. The rustic wood flooring paired with the floral decals on crisp white walls was heavenly. I don’t know how this is possible, but the mix of florals, faux-fur shag rugs, and raw wooden furniture matched so wonderfully.

I was already in love with Muse before I even bothered looking at the clothing.

The racks of unique attire screamed of fall. For those of us who are obsessed with matching, this store will be a dream come true. Each rack was organized by colour and design. There was a blend of tops, bottoms, and outerwear on each rack, which made it easy to visualize a complete outfit.

Pop Up Clothing Shop

There is a surprising amount of variety on the few racks that were in the boutique. Very few tops were available in more than one colour or pattern. This give the pop-up a really unique vibe. The more variety, the less chance you will have of running into someone else wearing the exact same top as you later!

Christine, the owner of Muse, was so humble and helpful. We chatted a bit before I dove into the racks to explore. When I asked her about her inspiration for the store and the pieces she chooses to carry, she was honest in her answer. If she doesn’t like it or wouldn’t wear it, it doesn’t come in the store.

I love this reasoning. It shows that Christine is true to her brand and won’t be trying to hop on the latest trend if she wouldn’t partake herself.

Her personality shines through her store. Casual. Cool. Comfortable. Meticulous.

I tried on a few tops while I was enjoying my Muse experience, and they were all so flattering. No crooked hems or wonky patterns here. Everything was perfect; and if it was an angled or distressed style, it was imperfectly perfect!

Christine and her team travel to Los Angeles several times per year to stock up for the next season. They have new stock arriving in-store weekly. You’ll never go into their store and see it the exact same.

Christine even mentioned that they re-merchandise the store almost every week to keep everything looking new and exciting.

Muse Clothing

For her customers that are Muse-addicts, she said she wants her store to be a new experience, every time. How many other stores have you been in that operate like this?! I certainly haven’t been in many.

Muse Social Fashion House flagship store is located on Croydon Drive in Surrey- but if you love them as much as we do, give them a holler on Instagram and let them know we’d love a more permanent Abbotsford arrangement!

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