Why I Still Live in Abbotsford

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I swear if I received a dollar for every time someone asked me “why do you live in Abbotsford,” I’d be rich… okay maybe not rich, but I’d have a good chunk of money to possibly afford to move.

To be completely honest, I personally never thought I’d still be living in Abbotsford and raising my son here. I originally moved to The Valley (from North Delta) back in August of 2009, after being accepted to the University of the Fraser Valley’s English program. At that time there was no such thing as Highstreet Mall, our bus system was flawed, and all I wanted to do was pass my N drivers test.

However, over the years I began to see what a great little city and community Abbotsford had to offer. I was aware it had a bad reputation for drugs, gangs, and violence; but those things are inevitable and can be found in any city. So for people asking or judging me by saying “oh Abbotsford, why would you want to live there?”, let me tell you…

First off, the community here and support network – whether it be for businesses, small shops, farmers markets, etc. is astounding. Everyone seems to be all for building each other up and lending a helping hand (most of the time). It’s also so comforting and nice to honestly know the makers and owners behind the brands and businesses.

Next, the cost of living. This is a huge factor for anyone this day and age and can really be a hinderance for many. Fortunately for me, I have been in the same place since moving out of my cousins suite (which was just over six years ago). Back then rent was way more affordable and places were easier to find. But don’t let that deter you, homes out here are gorgeous. I have been extremely lucky to have such great landlords, affordable rent, and now a place where I can raise my son. The only downside is it’s a one bedroom – and I foresee a move in the near future.

With that being said, Abbotsford is super family-friendly. My grandparents lived out here and the way of living is a lot more peaceful and quiet. Don’t get me wrong, I am a HUGE city girl, but couldn’t stand the thought of living right in the centre of all the chaos that comes with that. .

For me, I love the fact everything is within twenty minutes; groceries, the park, shopping malls, friends, it’s all where I need it to be. Since having my son I am all about convenience and making the most of our days.

The only real downside for me is the distance from my family. My mom lives a good 45 minutes away and driving into the city is a whole day event. But besides those few things, I’ve created a life in the valley. My friends, work colleagues, health care providers, everything is here. That is not to say I won’t more or don’t want too in the future; for now, we’re quite content.

So if someone asks you “why do you live in the valley,” simply ask them, “why not?”.

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