7 Things to do in the Fraser Valley Before the Warm Weather is Gone

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As September is now upon us (seriously where has this year gone?), with kids heading back to school and instilling the routines once again, we are left with only a few short weeks of warm weather. If it were up to me summer would be a year round season and snow would simply not exist.

If you’re anything like me and in-need of some last minute activities to do and enjoy in the Fraser Valley before the weather turns, here are my suggestions:

1. Cultus Lake & Waterpark

This may be a cliche suggestion, but for those with little ones (like myself) who aren’t in school or daycare, now is the perfect time to head down to Cultus. You’ll likely find the lake and water park less busy as everyone is heading off to school.

2. Drive-in Theatre

Enjoy a date-night out, or even family-night in the comfort of your car and even a comfy pair of pjs. The idea of being outdoors on a clear-starry night and watching some of blockbusters best movies (till 1am) is always enticing. Plus you can’t forget the junk food.

Cultus Lake & Waterpark Drive

  1. Get out on the Water

    Whether this be at Cultus Lake, or Cascade Falls, there are endless activities you can do on the open water. One of my favourite memories as a kid as going up to Harrison and renting bumper boats on the lake (they even came with built in squirt guns). If you’re looking for something more relaxing try canoeing or kayaking, and for those who want some excitement get out those sea-do’s and water skis.   


  1. Greater Vancouver Zoo

    Fun for the whole family! Instead of driving into the city to go to the Aquarium, why not take your kids to see the giraffe and other wild animals that our zoo has to offer. Beware there are some very friendly and curious peacocks that roam the zoo (make sure to hold onto your snacks).

Greater Vancouver Zoo

  1. Hike the Abby Grinde

    September is almost another chance at a fresh start (besides your New Year’s resolutions) to get your fitness back on-track. The Abby Grinde is slightly less intense than the Grouse Grind but equally as rewarding (it also takes half the time to complete). *note the trail will close for the winter months.

    6.  Horseback Riding

    Abbotsford is known for its amazing parks and scenery, so what better way to soak it all in then on horseback? Tuskast Icelandic Horse Farm off of Old Yale Road, offers a range of different tour options. Choose from a romantic ride that includes a wine tasting; or for those with a sweet tooth, you’ll indulge in some ice cream at the end.

    7. Pick Blueberries

    If you’re late to the game, that’s okay, you still have time! Blueberries this year have been amazing and there are only a few weeks if not days to go out and grab yourself some. Check to see if you can still U-Pick or grab yourself some frozen ones. Time to whip up some fun recipes as this season comes to an end.

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