Smashing Stigma With The Surrey Girl Project

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Misty’s a Surrey girl, she’ll give it up for free” – Urban Dictionary

If you yourself are from the city of Surrey or in other surrounding areas, you’ll know exactly what being called a “Surrey Girl” really means. It’s not a form of a compliment nor a term of endearment – but a harmful jab to degrade a female’s sexuality based on where she lives.  

Kat Petrunia, mother and blogger of Our Happy Place Blog, has recently founded The Surrey Girl Project after being tired of the stigma still haunting her into adulthood. It is both an initiative and support network that is sparking conversations around what it’s like to be proud of where you’re from, standing up for your beliefs, while not taking yourself too seriously.

Smashing Stigma With The Surrey Girl ProjectSo what really is the Surrey Girl Project all about?

The project is a collective effort that has been formed between Our Happy Blog and a handful of local businesses and organizations. Together they have created a series of interviews that feature a very diverse group of women who were born and/or raised in Surrey.

As Petrunia stated,

“[the] hope is to flip the term upside down and give it a makeover”.

Over the course of a few months, Surrey604, an online publication, will slowly be releasing each individual’s profile and interviews. By showcasing each woman’s story it will hopefully ignite a new meaning and ‘reputation’ when calling someone a #SurreyGirl. I myself, was fortunate enough to be one of the select chosen woman to be featured.

The aim of this project is to show that where we come from doesn’t ultimately define us; that it’s very much apart of who we are, and not something to be ashamed of.


“That being a female is not a bad thing, that we are strong, diverse, and talented girls and women, that is the end message,”

Petrunia stresses. We need to ask ourselves, how can we change what has been categorized as negative for so long, and try to make it positive?

Are you a Surrey Girl? Do you want to make a change? For more information on how to get involved and what you can do to change the stigma behind the term “Surrey Girl”:


To show your support use #SurreyGirl and #TheSurreyGirlProject on social media to help spread the word.

For more information go to:

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