This article was written by FV Lifestyle Mag contributor and Langley local Amy Libby.

I wasn’t always a Langley Lifer.

I know. She just said the word lifer.  

Can this be true?  Can a person really know where they want to stay forever at the age of 33?  What about 22? I knew right away there was something magical about this little city outside of the actual city.  From it’s quaint eateries, local merchants and big box shopping (for when you need 40 of something), Langley isn’t lacking.  


Young Folk.  

K, brace yourselves.  I used to club. In Langley.  I know, I know. Clubbing and the word Langley aren’t usually associated, but give me a sec to explain.  Once upon a time (which ironically is filmed in Fort Langley), there was a club named Citrus. Contrary to its name, it wasn’t the cleanest place in the world but it did the job of providing mid 2000’s hits and watered down drinks like the rest of ‘em.  If that wasn’t your cup of tea (double long island, iced) then you could head over to the local country bar, Gabby’s Country Cabaret. Known for its locals, cheap drinks and sometimes country vibe – it’s actually where I met my husband, and still operates to this day.  Speaking of TV references (see above) the show Riverdale was recently filmed there. If movie scouting is your jam, you’ll find filming signage on more corners than not and lots of big (annnnd not so big) productions have been filmed here. I however, haven’t been featured in any; how rude.

Not a clubber?  My now 33 year old self feels you.  There’s plenty else to do at night including dinner at several yummy eateries (see below), laser bowling (don’t judge), sports bars and an outdoor movie theatre (seasonal) offering the newest-ish in Hollywood.

Day Trippin.

Langley has 17 parks, one being of the parkour variety.  My favourite is Sendall Gardens. It’s where my mom was married, and where I attempted some bad ameteur wedding photography (definitely the same day if you hadn’t guessed).  From rock statues, to a butterfly garden and beautifully lined trails, it’s the perfect place for a walk, a small wedding, orrrrr to break up with the weirdo you met on tinder.  Your call (though I’d probably do that somewhere more public, and during the day).

Want to embrace your inner outdoorsman? Derby Reach is your place.  With camping, pebble lined beaches to the Fraser River and a walkable dog area, it’s the perfect place to get away from it all, without driving more than 20 minutes.  With two little kids, this is my idea of a good time.



She’s eating again?

Oh right we just met, so you aren’t aware of my excessive fondness for eats..  I’m always eating. But surprisingly enough, I’m a really picky eater. Throw on some allergies (dairy) and a gluten intolerance, and I’m suddenly THAT customer.  But don’t worry, there’s lots to choose from:

  1. Hirame Sushi (Brookswood) – Like most yummy sushi joints, from outside this one is barely a lit up sign in a stripmall.  But inside it’s clean, well lit, and an adorable little place with decent portions and excellent prices and service.
  2. Poseidon – (Fraser Highway and 206) Ok, disclaimer.  You will kill 12 vampires after you eat here with your breath, but garlic is good for you.  Again with the quaint and cozy (can you see a trend here), this little greek slice of happiness has great prices and home cooked goodness.  I’m boring and usually get the Chicken Souvlaki but my husband swears by most other menu offerings.
  3. Dessert –  Lemon Bakery has everything you need to satisfy the ‘ol sweet tooth (or in my case, entire set of teeth).  Go early as they close before most restaurants but it’s worth it. From cupcakes to homemade sandwiches and wraps,  to its namesake Lemon square, there is truly something for everyone here. I can’t even describe to you the joy I felt when I walked inside and spotted a lemon loaf that was GLUTEN FREE.   The portions are generous and my husband asked me twice if it really was GF, as it was light, fluffy and identical to its wheat filled counterpart. I probably should have taken my own picture, but it literally lasted about 3 minutes once I got my hands on it.  


Location, location and what’s the last part?

Oh yeah location.  The access here is a huge factor.  While it’s a jaunt from Vancouver (depending on traffic, you could be bumping tunes in your car for about 45 mins – 1 hour each way) it’s worth it for the scenery of the mountains in Walnut Grove,the tree-lined streets of Brookswood or the vast farmland of 216th.  There are new projects being built consistently with varying price points and combined with a declining market, there could be an option for most everyone.

Whether you take highway 1, the 99 or Fraser, there are highways for days.  There’s also tons of bus routes (although the depot itself can be kind of sketchy), and lots of walkable neighbourhoods.  There are lots of options for schools and parks and easy access to Vancouver, Coquitlam, White Rock, and Abbotsford.


So back to the lifer bit,

With it’s easy access to the big city (Vancouver), smaller cities (Abbotsford and Chilliwack) and purely based on its own offerings, it’s easy to see why so many call Langley home.  From local shops, to the one way, to the beautiful parks and historic adventures (I’m looking at you Fort Langley), there’s enough here to keep you for a week or in my case, life. Reading through this, I realize how I only really touch the surface of what is this treasure of a city, but that just means I have subject matter for my next love letter to Langley. Coming out here yourself? Come say hi to this not-so-country mouse!