Rianna Laboucane


September is basically January; a fresh start, new beginnings, adventures, change of schedules… Things begin to slow down, the leaves start falling and you order your PSL daily instead of an iced americano. Summer activities will soon be a thing of the past as it gets too cold to spend afternoons in the lake and evenings around the campfires. School starts, routines get back on track. It all sounds a little dull, doesn’t it? 

Here are a few fun activities happening around the Fraser Valley this September to keep things rockin’. 

It’s August and it’s hot AF out there. The last thing you want to do this month is turn on your oven but if you’re a sweets-lover like me, there is no escaping your need for dessert. It doesn’t matter that it’s a bajillion degrees outside, you are craving a chocolate cake like it’s the end of the world & aint nothin’ stopping you from getting your fix.

Girl, I get you.

It’s no secret that we can all feel a little tired after a day in the sun. Whether we were soaking it up from the sandy beach or sipping margaritas on the patio, sometimes by mid afternoon during those summer heatwaves we’re all ready for a little siesta. 

Here are a few tips to keep your energy levels from drooping so low that even a venti iced espresso can’t save you.

School has been out for a week or two, and I bet you’re pulling your hair out listening to the “I’m bored” and “Mom, what can I do?” all day long. It’s going to be a long summer unless you can come up with a couple of quick fun projects for the kids to do! 

Crafts are such a wonderful thing for kids. Getting messy, being creative, having fun… and there is no right or wrong way to craft. I love DIY projects that check three boxes: involve the kids, result in a cute finished item, and also take longer than 5 minutes to do.

I’ve put together a small list of cute DIY projects that you can help your little ones create, or let your bigger littles tackle on their own. They all involve minimal supplies but would be easy enough to get in a pinch from the dollar store! 

Summertime always has me craving fresh, healthy foods. But sometimes I get a little sick of eating veggies and salads. Getting creative with healthy foods can sometimes feel a little complicated and daunting, but it doesnt have to be! Try keeping your snack choices simple, colourful, and fulfilling. Here are a couple of my favourite healthy go-to snacks: 


May long. Its the first long weekend of the year that promises outdoor adventures. This year weve lucked out, as the weather has been absolutely perfect for any type of activity you could dream up for the long weekend.  Most people book their May Long plans way ahead in anticipation of sunshine & fun, but if the Victoria Day stat is looming and you still have no plans, dont worry, Ive got ya.  

 Here are a couple of fun ideas for your May Long Weekend: