Catherine Gagnon


“Healing the mind, body and soul from Mother Earth through to the Heavens”

On those days when you wish the world would stop turning so you could get off, wouldn’t it be nice to have a place to regroup, redirect, ground yourself and get back to your life feeling lighter?  That’s a lot to ask, but Stephany Brown hopes to accomplish exactly that with her recently opened Infinite Serenity Holistic Spa.

Canada was made for winter sports!  Let’s face it, you can either stay inside most of the time between November and March, or you can embrace the cold, drizzly, snowy weather (insert your local weather conditions). You are not alone in your pursuit of the perfect winter activity.  Much of Canada has found that they either can stay home and experience cabin fever or find a way to be social in spite of the long winter.

Back in the day when we had never heard about Hygge, my sister came home with the idea of making our own candles.  The process involved using an empty milk carton in which a wick was steadied as we poured melted paraffin with chunks of our favourite broken wax crayons.  For variety, you might put ice in the bottom first to create those awesome designs on the outside of the candle.  Once the wax was set, you cut away the milk carton and your candle was ready to be gifted to your mom as the perfect addition to her “groovy” 60s décor!

If you haven’t attended the Fraser Valley Wine Festival before, you’re in for a treat!  For 28 years, the Rotary Club of Central Langley has held this event to benefit youth in our community.  

From its earliest days, the Rotary Club of Langley Central has designed the wine festival not just for wine enthusiasts but to help raise funds for causes that hit close to home.*

During the years that the Canadian Forces were fighting in Kandahar, our troops suffered 157 casualties. On the morning of December 30, 2009, my husband checked his blackberry for incoming messages, as was his habit, and told me it had been a particularly bad day as an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) had killed 4 Canadian soldiers and a civilian journalist.  Shortly thereafter, the phone rang.

After working as an executive in legal expense insurance for over 30 years, Ilona Scott found herself at odds between her managerial role and her own values.  The stress caused an inner crisis that could only be resolved by leaving the position that had brought her from South Africa to Canada.

Ilona decided to use this time out to write a book about people management and leadership.  Starting her own peri peri sauce business was not in her plans.  That was just a happy accident.

If you know anything about Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander books, you know about the Frasers, and the Murrays. Well, I wish I could report that I had dinner with Jamie and Claire recently, but these Frasers are very much rooted in this century.

Recently my husband was asked to speak at a dinner commemorating the Battle of the Plains of Abraham, hosted by the 78th Fraser Highlanders, a Historical Regiment. Like Jamie Fraser, their lineage is traced back to the Old Fox – Simon Fraser, Lord Lovat (in fiction, the grandfather of Jamie Fraser).